How to Make Your Own PVC Bow

I have been researching online for a while for some ideas to make my own bow. I don’t bow hunt. I have never been a hunter, but I really enjoy shooting my guns. Ever since I moved earlier this year, I am unable to walk out my front door and shoot at whatever I want, whenever I want. I do, however, have enough room to go in the backyard and throw some arrows at a target without hitting anyone.

At first, I was going to build a long bow out of wood. I had found plans for it, and actually started building one out of red oak. I had it completed up until the step to string it up. I was getting pretty excited about it, but then I started having second thoughts about it. I didn’t know if I trusted my wood working skills enough. I was prompted me to look for other plans, that is when I found the “BackyardBowyer” on YouTube. This guy (Nicholas Tomihama) has posted over 300 videos on YouTube, and has made a bunch of bows. He also has a few different books on Amazon for building bows.

I decided to try to build one of his bows. I wanted to find a simple bow to build for my first one. Most of his bows look pretty simple and straight forward, but this one looked really simple, and really cheap.

My PVC BowI watched this video, and decided this would be my first build of his to try. I got the supplies, and took my laptop to my workshop. I would watch his instruction, then would pause the video and do the work. The video is just over 18 minutes long, and it took me just over 40 minutes to complete my first PVC bow. I finished this bow late last night, and I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. I am not expecting the same results that I would from a professional bow, but I am just looking to build a reliable, consistent shooting bow.

Have you tried to build any of these bows, either from his videos, or his books? What are your thoughts on these bows? Let me know below.

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