Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden WallsGun safes are very useful, and very practical. They do an excellent job of keeping your guns in, and keeping unwanted guests, kids, fire, etc., out. There are, however, a couple of problems with keeping all of your firearms in a safe. The first problem is that the unwanted guests that you are trying to keep your guns from now know where all your guns are. The second major issue with a safe is that your guns are (supposed to be) locked up. In case of an emergency situation, you have to make it to your safe, and get it unlocked before the threat reaches you or your loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a more convenient way to keep your firearms secure from others, but still make it reachable as if it was out in the open? What if you could keep your tactical guns and gear out in the open, but keep them hidden from everyone? There is a company down in Virginia by the name of Hidden Walls. They make wall inserts that you can put pictures or mirrors in front of, and they also do shelves that “fold down” to reveal your guns. Go check out their website at tacticalwalls.com, and see their different products that they offer.

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