Bug Out Bag Tent

The need for shelter is a basic human need. When some kind of disaster strikes and you have to pick up your bug out bag and go, you are going to want some kind of shelter from the elements. I enjoy camping out on the weekends in my tent, but I tend to pick the weekends where the weather forecast is somewhat agreeable. In an emergency situation, you will more than likely not have that luxury. Some people may say that all you really need is a tarp to throw over a branch. That may work for some, provided they have a branch to throw a tarp over when it starts raining. I would prefer to have a bug out bag tent already packed and ready to go.

Your Bug Out Bag Tent Isn’t Always the “Best Cheap Tent”

Bug Out Bag Tent

Bug Out Bag Tent by Eureka!

When I go on my camping trips, I don’t usually take my bug out bag tent. My wife says that there is no fun in staying in a tent that small. There is limited space in my bug out bag, and I don’t want my tent to take up half the space in there. Some may think that they can just buy the “best cheap tent,” and that will suffice for what they need. Maybe so, but probably not. Tents, like anything else is, you get what you pay for (for the most part). You can spend over $400 on a two man tent, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best tent for you. For the most part, the more expensive tents are sealed better, have better rain protection, they have better zippers, they are lighter, and they take up less space when packed up. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a quality tent for about $300 less. For example, this Eureka! Apex 2XT pictured is a great bug out bag tent, for a very reasonable price. It all just depends on what your needs are, and how much you want to spend.

Is There A Camping Tent Accessory That I Need To Consider For My Bug Out Bag Tent?

Bug Out Bag Sleeping Bag

Bug Out Bag Sleeping Bag by TETON

There is more than just one camping tent accessory that you will need. After you find a good tent, you are going to want to find a good bug out bag sleeping bag. Although you may think that one is just as good as the other, just remember that space is always an issue. You have also got to keep in mind how much space you need. The reason that I say that is because I am not a small guy. I weigh about 260 lbs, so I will not fit comfortably in all sleeping bags. You also want to keep in mind that whenever you have to grab your bug out bag and go, it may not always be on that perfect August or September night. Your bug out bag sleeping bag also has to keep you warm, regardless of the temperature outside. For these reasons mentioned, I go with the TETON Sports Celsius XXL. Its a little bigger, because I’m a little bigger, and its rated to 0 degrees F.

Bug Out Bag Tent Footprint

Bug Out Bag Tent Footprint by Eureka!

Another camping tent accessory that you will want to have is some kind of tarp to put under the tent. These are also referred to as tent “footprints.” These footprints will help prevent water from the ground seeping up through the tent floor, and making your sleeping experience quite unpleasant. With the conventional square or rectangle tents, you could just use any tarp and that would work just fine. A tarp would still work fine, but the shapes of tents and their rain hoods these days are not exactly square, and most have footprints that you can purchase that will be an exact fit to the shape of the tent and rain hood. If you do not have some kind of moisture barrier, you will more than likely get wet, your tent will get wet, and then it will stink.

So What Is The Best Bug Out Bag Tent?

These are my opinions, and are based on my personal preferences and experiences. What will work for you may be different. Research different options, and read customer reviews. If any of your friends have a bug out bag tent, ask them why they chose that one. Ask them what the pros and cons are of their decision. Just remember, your bug out bag tent won’t be a 3 room, 14 person tent. You will be carrying this on your back, so keep the size and weight in mind.

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